Pinball Restorations: Playfield

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Playfield Wear

The pictures below show the main areas of wear on the playfield. There are three of them. In the first picture, you can see the area left and below the 9K Bonus where it has worn to the bare wood. In the next two pictures, you can see two more areas at the top of the playfield. The first is on the turquoise on the rocket below the saucer. This is from the ball repeatedly landing in this area when the saucer kicks the ball out. The second area is in the yellow bumper and left of the bumper in the girl's hair and eye. Note also the Novus #2 in a couple of the pictures. I am about to clean this area prior to my wife doing the touch-ups. You can see the touch-ups on the next page.

Head right old Head left old

The first picture below is another one of the upper playfield wear. The second picture is of the ball return area under the ball arch. On most old games, this area is very dirty as most operators (and owners) never remove the cover to clean this area.

Head right old Head left old

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Clear Coat

The pictures below show the playfield after the touch ups and the clearcoating process. I explain the clear-coat process on this page of the website.

Front before Front gouge