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Gottlieb Count-Down


Gottlieb Count-Down

"Designer Ed Krynski was a main-stay at Gottlieb for almost two decades from 1964 to 1980 designing over 200 games for them."

Miscellaneous Stuff

The four pictures below show the tracing of the original design and the stencils.

Head right old Head right old Head left old Head left old

Earlier, I mentioned how bad the coin door was and that it was in bad shape both inside and out. Here are a few more pictures of the coin door and the condition it was in.

Head left old Head left old Head left old Head left old

Below left are the new yellow reproduction drop targets I put into the game compared to the old ones. On the right is the WAY OVER PRICED extraction tool for re-pinning the Gottlieb edge connectors. The one with the black handle is the original "OEM" extractor. As you can see, I broke the tip after doing a game and three-quarters (about 400 pins) so I thought I'd get the cheaper replacement with the white handle. Big mistake. For whatever reason, only the WAY OVER PRICED tool works EASILY. This is my last System 1 game at the moment, so I'm not going to get another tool unless it becomes necessary. BTW, the WAY OVER PRICED tool is $17.50.

Head left old Head left old

Below are the four circle stencils I used in painting the cabint and then two PVC pipes I use when de-rusting large metal parts.

Head left old Head left old

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