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SECTION 4: Backglass

The backglass on this game had a lot of large areas where the paint was bubbling and lifting. I used large pieces of mylar to cover the areas to hold the paint down and prevent it from coming off of the backglass. After doing this, the backglass sat for a while and more areas had the ink separate from the backglass. In the end, almost half of the glass has been protected with mylar. I then sprayed the backglass with Krylon Triple Thick to prevent further delamination. I usually use four coats, alternating vertical and then horizontal strokes when applying the coats. Also, you need to tape off the score windows when applying Triple Thick.

One other thing I did on this backglass was to sand/grind the lift channel and then repaint it. The lift channel was very rusty. To remove the rust I soaked some paper towels in Rust Remover and then very carefully laid them on the metal lift making sure it didn't touch the glass. After getting some of the rust off this way, I then used a small grinding wheel attached to a dremel to remove the remaining rust. Again, I had to be careful to not hit the glass with the dremel. After removing the rust, I taped off the backglass and painted the lift with a chrome paint. It turned out pretty good. I should have taken some pictures of the final product but forgot. I do have a picture of the rusted lift-channel on the backglass page.

In the end, the backglass will be a good candidate for future replacement. For now, it looks fine from the front but I'm not sure how long it will remain this way.

SECTION 5: Miscellaneous

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backglass front
Below is the back of the backglass. If you look closely, you can see the mylar added to hold the delaminated paint in place.
backglass rear
Below is a closer picture of the mylar repair on the backglass. Note also that the score window is still taped from when I applied the Krylon Triple Thick.
backglass repair