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"Unknown to most, Supersonic shares the same playfield layout as Starship, an EM game that a production run of 1."

Supersonic Playfield

The three pics below show the "new" playfield I bought to replace the horrible original playfield. As you can see, this "new" playfield had a lot of wear, especially around the star rollovers and the bonus lights. But, this playfield was ten times BETTER than the one it replaced which was almost completely worn down to bare wood over most of the center portion of the playfield. Unfortunately, I never took pictures of that playfield.

playfield whole before playfield wear playfield wear

The two pictures below show the top of the "new" playfield after removing the lane guides and plastics.

playfield bottom new rubber reproduction drop targets

Below is after I have touched up the purple area.

right saucer wear right saucer touch up

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Playfield Rebuild

The pics below show the playfield after clear-coating as parts are being re-installed.

center playfield rebuild

In the blue area below, you can see where my touch up color didn't quite match the original. This often happens as the paint dries. Going on it looks like a perfect match and then dries a tad darker. Note that the picture makes this more noticeable than it looks in real life.

top playfield rebuild lower playfield rebuild