Pinball Restorations: Cabinet Front


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"Concorde was jointly developed and manufactured by Sud Aviation (later AĆ©rospatiale) and the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) under an Anglo-French treaty."

Supersonic Cabinet Front Progression

cabinet front before cabinet front before2 cab front before3

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Mice Infestation

Below are some of the wires where the mice/rats chewed through. I wish I had taken a picture of the complete wiring harness but I didn't. I ended up splicing about 75 wires. Note that some wires I had to do two splices on them due to the fact that they were chewed through in several places.
wires chewed by rats1
Below are two connectors where the wires were completely chewed through so that they were separated from the harness. On some wires I had to splice in a length of wire to replace sections where the length of the wire had been gnawed through. Fortunately, I had a spare playfield with matching colored wires.
wires chewed by rats2
Below are some of the front door and speaker wiring.
wires chewed by rats3
wires chewed by rats4
Below is a new varistor installed on the line filter along with the new heavy duty grounded cord.
new line filter