Pinball Restorations: Backglass


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"Only 20 Concords were built, 14 commercial and 6 non-commercial."

Supersonic Backglass

The first pic shows the backglass from the front. The delamination isn't too visible from this side. Note the rusted lift channel.

cabinet front before

The second pic shows the backglass from the rear. Notice the top left where mylar is installed to hold down the delamination. Then notice the bottom center where there is a lot of peeling. That whole area was covered with mylar also. Finally, note the score windows are taped off in preparation of spraying on Krylon Triple Thick.

cabinet front before2

The first picture below is a close-up of some of the backglass paint lifting. The second pictures shows the rusted lift channel. I sanded it and then repainted it a chrome color.

cab front before3 cab front before3

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Below are the new reproduction drop-targets I installed.
wires chewed by rats1
Below are the playfield rails which I repainted.
wires chewed by rats2
This is the internal lockdown before it was de-rusted and repainted.
wires chewed by rats4
Below is the shooter rod and part of the front door locking mechanism. These were very rusted and had to be de-rusted and polished. I forgot to to take "after" pictures of these parts.
wires chewed by rats3