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"For its age, this playfield was in excellent shape. It even retained its lustre."

Pinball Pool Playfield

The first three pics below show the top, middle, and bottom of the playfield as new rubbers are being installed. The next pic shows the new reproduction drop-targets installed on the right side. I installed them on the left side also.

playfield top new rubber playfield middle new rubber playfield bottom new rubber reproduction drop targets

Below are the three areas I had to touch up on the playfield. As is typical, there was wear around the saucer area. Then there was some where in the green near the one-ball bonus. My wife did a great job matching the light blue and the cream color around the saucer, both of which were difficult to duplicate. The green match was also very good but the brush strokes are difficult to hide.

right saucer wear right saucer touch up left saucer wear left saucer touch up green playfield wear green playfield touch up

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Playfield Stripped

Below is the playfield after all of the plastics, posts, and other hardware were rmoved from the top. This allows for a deeper clean on the playfield. The metal parts are placed in a rock tumbler for polishing while the plastics are cleaned with Novus.

playfield stripped

Playfield Condition

The pics below show the playfield in "playing" condition. Note how good the paint looks for such an old game.

center playfield top playfield