Pinball Restorations: Cabinet Head

Pinball Pool

Pinball Pool

Pinball Pool

"'Pinball Pool Makes the Combination' was the marketing slogan for the game."

Head Left and Right Before

Head right old Head right old Head right old Head right old

As you can see, the cabinet head was in pretty good shape. The only major ding is the scratch at the bottom of the left side. If it weren't for the cabinet front, I would have left this alone.

Cabinet Head Progression

Head right old Head right old

Here you see the base orange and then the yellow. Note that the splatter has already been applied. It was actually done after the base coat but before the other two colors were applied. I neglected to take a pic of the black before installing the frame.

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Head Final

Head right old

The head turned out pretty good. If you compare it to the original, there is less "overlap" between the paint colors.