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"Gottlieb System 1 games used a splatter pattern in their paint scheme."


This playfield didn’t have a lot of wear. In fact, there were two spots near the bonus area and then the usual spots at the two kickout holes. My wife touched these up (she’s better at color matching than I am) using acrylic paints and then I coated these areas with varathane to prevent the acrylic paints from wearing off.

I installed new reproduction drop targets from Steve Young at The Pinball Resource. These really made a big difference in how the game looked. Of all the manufacturers, Gottlieb drop targets are the most difficult for me to work on. Add to this the remotrip feature and it seemed like it took me an hour to do each of the drop target banks.

Finally, I completely tore down the playfield and did the following:

  • Tumbled all metal parts
  • Cleaned all plastic posts and light covers
  • Cleaned and waxed the playfield
  • Installed new rubber
  • Installed new coil sleeves on the bumpers and flippers
  • Probably the one downside to this particular Pinball Pool is that the two outer plastics are in rough shape. This is common on this game because those particular plastics take a beating at the kickout holes (The ball pops up and hits the underside of the plastic) and at the drop target areas (when the targets are down the ball can get air borne and hit the edges of the plastic). I’ve been looking for a replacement, but have been unable to find any.


  • I installed new reproduction drop targets.
  • I installed a new, three-pronged, heavy duty power cord.
  • I dry tumbled all of the small metal parts to make them shiny.
  • I polished all of the large metal areas with Never Dull.
  • I installed new coil sleeves on all bumpers and flippers.
  • I polished the coin door with polishing compound and a drill.
  • I put a new Gottlieb decal on the coin door. It's amazing the difference a new decal makes.
  • I repainted the legs.
  • I repainted the lock down bar’s internal metal pieces chrome color.
  • I repainted the rear playfield glass channel.
  • I put on new leg levelers. These really add a nice touch to a game.
  • I put in a new coin door lock.
  • The playfield was cleaned and waxed.
  • A new ball was put in to minimize playfield wear.

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    Below are pics of the playfield as new rubber is installed.

    playfield rubber bottom

    playfield rubber middle

    playfield rubber top