Pinball Restorations: Cabinet

Pinball Pool

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Pinball Pool

"Pinball Pool was the last System 1 game to use the orignal tone board. Subsequent games used an enhanced tone board."

Cabinet progression

Cabinet stencil yellow Cab left yellow final Cab right yellow finish cab right black stencil

Above starting top left and going clockwise: The top picture shows the yellow stencil. Note that I use old sockets, screws, and metal hardware as weights to hold the stencil down. I place these near any sections of the stencil where it might lift. The next two pictures show the right and left of the cabinet after the yellow was applied. The fourth picture is the black stencil. It is in place, but not painted yet. Note that the black on the other side has already been painted, hence the black on the stencil. On the second side, the stencil tends to have more areas that "lift" due to the paint pulling on the stencil.

cab right final cab left final

The above two pictures show the left and right sides after all of the colors have been applied. If you look closely, you can see that the cabinet is actually laying on its side. It's easier to paint with the cabinet a little lower to ground. When I put the base coat on and am painting the whole cabinet, I put it on horses. But for the stencils, I lay it on the floor.

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