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Strikes and Spares

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Strikes and Spares 1

"The yellow in this playfield really shows the dirt. Too bad Magic Eraser hadn't come on the market when I restored this game."

Strikes and Spares Playfield

Two things to notice in the two pics below. First, you can see the old bumper caps with the burn marks in them from years of lamps burning them. The second picture shows the new reproduction bumper caps. Second, notice the ground in dirt in the yellow areas. This is almost impossible to remove, especially in the pre-Magic Eraser days (Magic Eraser had not come out when I restored this game).

playfield whole before playfield wear

The four pictures below show the before and after of the area in front of the slings. Before, it had worn to the wood and someone had tried to touch it up. The right-side pictures show my touchup of those areas.

playfield wear playfield bottom new rubber reproduction drop targets right saucer wear

Below shows the wear along the ball track along the top arch. The touch up looks pretty good. It still needs more sanding in the wood grain section.

right saucer touch up right saucer touch up

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Playfield Sections

The pics below show more areas of the playfield along with the touchups.

lower playfield rebuild lower playfield rebuild lower playfield rebuild lower playfield rebuild