Pinball Restorations: Cabinet Sides

Strikes and Spares

Strikes and Spares

Strikes & Spares

"There are 5 ways to score a special."

Cabinet Before Closeups

This cabinet wasn't in too bad of shape. The head was a bit worse. But, since I was going to be restoring my other Strikes and Spares, I decided I might as well go ahead and do this one also. Doing two at once was more efficient.

cab left before cab right old cab left before close up cab right before close up

Cabinet After Closeups

Below is the same areas as shown in the pictures above but after the repaint. Due to the lighting, the final orange looks a bit lighter than it actually was. It was a closer match than the pictures indicate.

cabinet base yellow cabinet base yellow cabinet base yellow cabinet base yellow

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I first trace the design onto tracing paper.

tracing paper tracing paper

Next I transfer the design onto acetate sheets using a small tip marker to trace the design.

acetate stencil acetate stencil acetate stencil acetate stencil

New power cord, repainted neck, repainted legs.

new power cord repainted legs

De-rusted, repainted lockdown bar.

lockdown bar