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"Bally experimented with printing the playfield artwork on Mylar. Only one or two games were made this way."

Xenon Playfield

Below is my wife helping with the Mylar removal on the lower half of the playfield. Note that we are using the Goo-Gone and heat method. Today, I prefer the freeze method. However, whether you use heat or freeze, you will always have some residue left that will require some elbow grease and Goo-Gone.

mylar removal playfield low angle playfield whole

Below is the area between the flippers that needed to be touched up. I wish I had a "before" picture but I don't. Basically, someone had painted it black where the wood was showing. I used a picture from the internet to help repaint that area.

flipper area touch up flipper area touch up b

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Stupid Operator Hack

The first picture I also detail on the first page but I thought it was dumb enough for a second mention. If you notice the white rectangle around the saucer, this is the leftover residue from the duct tape that the operator used to cover the saucer. As detailed elsewhere, instead of fixing a bad transistor on the driver board for the coil on the saucer, he just disabled it and covered one of the main features of the game. Horrible choice!

saucer tape

Below is the playfield stripped for cleaning.

playfield stripped