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"The tube shot was ahead of its time and a precursor of things to come in pinball."

SECTION 3: Playfield Continued

Part 4: Cleaning the playfield

  • ALL playfield parts were stripped off in order to more easily remove the Mylar and to better clean and wax the playfield. The only parts I left on the playfield were the lane return guides above the flippers and the ones at the top.
  • Small metal parts such as screws and posts were dry tumbled in a rock tumbler using corn cob media and a squirt of Novus #2. I let them tumble for one to two days.
  • The larger metal parts such as the ball arch rail, the ramp, the ball guides under the bottom metal arch, and the shooter were cleaned with Never Dull polishing media.
  • The plastics were cleaned with Novus #2.
  • All rubbers were replaced with new ones, including the shooter tip.
  • The plastic tube cleaned up well with Novus #2.  To clean the inside, I ran a small rag through with Novus #2 on it, twisting the rag as it went through.  This left a layer of Novus on the interior.  After it dried, I ran a clean rag through several times.  The tube came out looking very clear.
  • Plastics posts were cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • I cleaned the playfield with Novus #2. As with most machines, it was very dirty under the metal ball arch.
  • I waxed the playfield with Carnuba Wax.
  • Part 5: Bumpers, Flippers, and Drop Targets

    The first thing I did was to remove the bumpers from the playfield. The worst part here is the horrid design that requires desoldering the lamp leads.  I replaced two of the bumper bodies and skirts with new ones because they were cracked. I cleaned the metal rings with Never Dull.  I replaced the coil sleeves in all four bumpers for better performance.  I then added new reproduction bumper caps from Steve Young.  These always make the game look a lot better. As for the flippers, I installed new flipper bats, coil sleeves, and nylon bushings.

    SECTION 5: Miscellaneous

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    Whole Playfield

    Xenon Wholeplayfield

    Below are the new reproduction targets I installed.
    new drop targets