Pinball Restorations: Cabinet




"The marketing slogan for the game was 'Transport Your Earnings To A New Dimension'"

Cabinet Sides and Head

I don't have a lot of pics of this cabinet and the ones I have are poor quality. I didn't do any repaint on this cabinet as it was in pretty good shape. I did touch up areas where the wood was showing.

cabinet left cabinet right

Below is the head. If you look carefully at the edges in the first picture, you can see that it was worn to the wood. In the second picture you can see that I have touched those areas up.

Head left Head left finish

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Front of the Cabinet

Head right Head right finish

Above in the top pic you can see that the edges are worn. The bottom pic shows this after it has been touched up. It also shows the polished front door and the new Bally sticker that I added along with the new gun metal colored legs.