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"Artist Bob Timm did both the backglass and the playfield art for this game."

Section 3: Playfield and Coin Door

I stripped and cleaned the entire playfield. The metal posts and parts were polished in a rock tumbler using corn cob media. I add the parts to the tumbler with the corn cob media and a squirt of Novus #2 and tumble for one to two days. The plastic posts were cleaned. New rubber was installed.

As with many of these older games, the internal metal parts had quite a bit of rust on them. I removed the lock down bar mechanism. It was very rusty. I then soaked it in Lightning Rust Remover to get rid of most of the rust. I then sanded it using a sander and then a dremel to get the tight places. Finally, I painted them with a chrome color paint. I also painted the playfield support brackets that “hook” into the lock down bar mechanism.

The Stern coin door is not stainless steel like the early Bally doors. It has a chrome coating on it. The door was rusted some so I removed the coin plate, taped the credit button, and then repainted the door with a marbled silver auto paint. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it looked. At first, I was hesitant to paint it because I wasn’t sure how well it would look. But after I was finished, I was glad I did it. It looks brand new. I also painted the door trim the same color and I painted the legs to match the coin door.

The bumpers in this game were really sluggish. Therefore, I rebuilt them. I installed new bumper bodies, polished the rings, installed new bumper skirts, and put in new coil sleeves. These really made them lively and improved game play immensely.

I polished all of the plastics. The plastics are in the best shape I have ever seen in a game this old. The colors are still vibrant, they are still very flat, and there might be only one small “dot” of paint loss anywhere. I wish the plastics on all of my games were this good.

SECTION 4: Backglass

The backglass is in better than average shape. There was no flaking or paint loss. However, there is some lifting or delaminating at the top left that runs in “streaks” downward about 5 inches from the top of the glass to the first player score window. It is noticeable, but it doesn’t look bad. I have pictures of it on the backglass page. I’ve coated the rear of the backglass with Triple Thick to prevent any further damage.

SECTION 5: Miscellaneous

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Playfield Wear

Below are pictures of various spots of playfield wear and swirl marks. The playfield page will have larger pictures that better show the swirl marks. The circled areas in the second two pictures mark the playfield wear.
playfield swap
cabinet front final
cabinet front final
cabinet front final