Pinball Restorations: Playfield

Stern Magic

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Stern Magic

"The fantasy theme on Magic didn't seem to have any ties to 'real' stories or movies."

Stern Magic Playfield

The circled areas in the pictures below show the areas on the playfield that had wear spots "down to the wood."

playfield whole before playfield wear

The four pictures below show the various areas of the playfield.

playfield wear playfield bottom new rubber reproduction drop targets right saucer wear

Whole Playfield

right saucer touch up

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Playfield Under Apron

Note the dirt that builds up under the apron.

lower playfield rebuild

Ball Swirls and Stress Marks

The two pics below show the ball swirls and stress "cracks" that develop over time on old playfields.

lower playfield rebuild lower playfield rebuild

Playfield After New Rubber Installed

lower playfield rebuild