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"The electronic hacks the operator performed on this particular game are worthy of MacGyver. He even used an EM connector to re-wire the power supply to keep it working."

Creative Operator Hacks

The pics below show some of the "creative" hacks the operator used to keep the game working. In the top two pictures, he soldered the wires directly to the pins on the driver board and then used an edge connector similar to what is on the System 1 Gottlieb boards. This edge connector was screwed to the side of the head. A lot of work went into this hack. It seems it would have been easier to just use and re-do the correct connector. I guess he didn't have any so he did this. Kudos for keeping the game running. While not ideal, this was better than most operators. I purchased the correct connectors and pins and rebuilt all of this correctly.

playfield whole before playfield wear

The two pics below are of the power supply. Again, the operator didn't have the correct connectors so he soldered the wires directly to the pins and then used whatever connectors he could find, including an old EM style connector used on electro-mechanical games and a couple of Williams style connectors. I'll call this operator MacGyver for his creativity. Again, I purchased the correct connectors and pins and rebuilt all of this.

The yellow circled areas show the EM connector and the wires soldered directly on the board. The red circle shows the damaged resistor that I had to replace. It was basically falling apart at this point.

playfield wear playfield wear

Leg Repaint

The first two pics are blurry but show the legs before I repainted them. They weren't awful on the outside, but the inside had a lot of rust. The third pic shows the legs after the repaint.

legs before outer legs before inner legs final

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Playfield Rear Before

Note how scratched up the rear was. My guess is that this was "pallet burn" from being shipped on a wooden pallet.

lower playfield rebuild

Cabinet Rear Final

The rear after being sanded and painted.

lower playfield rebuild

Lockdown Bar Internal

Below are pics of the internal lockdown bar. On old games these are always rusty. I always de-rust them and then repaint them.

lower playfield rebuild

These look so much better after repainting them.

lower playfield rebuild