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"Hitting different targets change the values of the Dealer's or Player's hand."

Shooter Cover

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Shooter Cover Explanation

These pictures show the trouble I had with fixing up the shooter cover. If you will notice, it was very rusted and scratched up. I originally thought that I could repaint it using frisket paper and creating a stencil by using an exacto knife with the frisket paper. As the second picture shows, this didn't work out too well. In fact, in turned out very amateurish.

I had two issues. First, it was difficult to cut the shapes into the frisket paper with precision since they were so small. Second, the frisket paper, even though it had some adhesive on one side, still allowed some paint to get under the edges. So, I had to come up with another game plan which you see in the second two pictures.

I had two options. One, I could paint the base blue and then in a publishing program, print an overlay that I could put on the blue base. The problem with that idea was that all of the white "sticker" type paper I had was fairly thick and would show up as a sticker.

My second option was similar, but instead of using white "sticker" paper, I used a thin transparency sheet that had adhesive on one side. I preferred the thinner transparency. The only issue with the transparency sheet was that you can't print white on it (at least I can't with a home printer). So, I just flipped the color scheme a bit. I painted the base white as you can see in third picture. I then created an overlay in a publishing program. I then attached this overlay to the white base. It turned out really well as you can see by the second picture. The red and blue were printed on the transparency. The white triangles and dots are actually transparent on the sheet allowing the white base to show through.

I was able to attach the thin transparency overlay in such a way that from the top you don't see any edges or evidence that this is in fact an overlay.