The Pinball Fix


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"The Marketing Slogan was 'Casino Thrills in New Style Pinball.'"


The backglass was in very good shape. There was no flaking or lifting. There is one scratch about an inch long on the face of the Jack plus a couple of very small nicks in various places. I decided to not try to “fix” these spots since they were pretty minor. I did spray the glass with Triple Thick to prevent further damage. When applying Triple Thick you need to first tape off the score and credit windows. You want them to remain completely clear. Follow the instructions on the can. I usually apply two to three coats in each direction.


  • I installed a new, three-pronged, heavy duty power cord.
  • I dry tumbled all of the small metal parts.
  • I polished all of the large metal areas with Never Dull.
  • I polished the coin door with polishing compound and a dremel.
  • I put a new Bally sticker on the coin door. This makes a huge difference.
  • I repainted the legs charcoal gray to match the original.
  • I put on new leg levelers. These really add a nice touch to a game.
  • I put in a new coin door lock.
  • I painted the neck grill.
  • I painted the inside locking mechanism for the lockdown bar assembly.
  • New rubber was installed.
  • A new ball was put in to minimize playfield wear.
  • I repainted the ball shooter cover.

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    Shooter Progression

    A description of the process for restoring the shooter and more pics can be found here.

    Harlem globetrotters prep for clearcoat

    Harlem globetrotters pf left

    Harlem globetrotters playfield right