Pinball Restorations: Backglass

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"The first talking game was Gorgar, a machine I happened to own for a while."


Head left old Head right old Head right old Head right old

As you can see, with the lights off, the touch up in the yellow lettering isn't noticeable. However, with the lights on, it's very noticeable. I wasn't able to match the translucency. Next time I will scrape off all of the color and repaint it all the same.

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Backglass Flaking

Front before

As you can see, this backglass had several areas that flaked off. It was in very rough shape. In fact, this was the worst backglass of any machine I owned.

Front gouge Front gouge

This lime green section touch up turned out OK.

Front gouge Front gouge Front gouge Front gouge Front gouge

Above are pics from the backside showing the flaking.