Pinball Restorations: Cabinet Head

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"Its run of 6,000 units was actually pretty good as the public, sadly, was losing interest in pinball at this time."

Head Right and Left Before

Head left old Head right old

The head was in fairly rough shape. The right side had a small gouge running from the key lock to the top of the head. There were several scrapes and scratches also.

Head Red Stencil

Head left black Head right black

Left above is the red stencil. Note the weights I use to help hold it down to prevent underspray. To the right is the left head after the red has been applied.

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Head Black Stencil

Head left red stencil Head right only

Here you can see the base color of blue and then the black stencil. As usual, I have an old set of sockets that I use as weights to hold the stencil down and prevent underspray.

Head Right and Left Final

Head left red stencil Head right only

The final pictures. The low resolution pics don't do it justice. These were taken years before high-res cameras were in every phone.