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"If they had designed this game with multi-ball, it may have been a huge success and one of the best layouts of the time."

SECTION 4: Backglass

This backglass had quite a bit of flaking. In fact, most Alien Pokers that I have seen have rough backglasses, especially on the yellow lettering. This backglass was no exception. I wasn’t real pleased with the touch up.

I began by spraying the glass with Krylon Triple Thick to prevent further flaking and so I could paint on the glass and then wipe off my mistakes. The color match was pretty good. In fact, with the lights off, the backglass looks good. However, once the lights were turned on, the touch up on the yellow Alien Poker lights was really noticeable. I was unable to match the translucency of the original ink. I think that on a future project, I might experiment with scraping all of the color off and then spraying on the color to prevent brush strokes from showing.

Anyway, when the lights aren’t on, the backglass looks pretty good. But with the lights on, you can definitely tell it was touched up. I need more practice at doing major touch ups on backglasses. I had done some minor ones previously that turned out much better than this one.

SECTION 5: Miscellaneous

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Here is my boo-boo I describe in the text where I painted the black too soon and the black on the stencil actually left specks in the red.

Alien poker Front

This is my boo-boo after I fixed it.

Alien poker Whole Machine