Pinball Restorations: Cabinet

Agents 777


Agents 777

"This game deserved better than a 400 unit production run."

Cabinet Left Before

Head left old Head right old Head right old

The cabinet has a few dings and scratches. You can also see the black areas where someone tried to touch up the black and the two blacks didn't quite match.

Cabinet Right Before

Head right old Head left old Head right old

The right side wasn't too bad. Mostly a a few scratches.

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Cab Front Before

Front before

The front, for not having any design, was still in very rough shape.

Cabinet gouges

Front gouge rear gouge

Above is some of the damage to this cabinet. The gouges were pretty severe. Repair required quite a bit of bondo.

Cabinet Rear

cab rear neck before

Above is the rear and neck of the cabinet. The neck looked like a lion had used it as a scratching post.