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Agents 777

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Agents 777

"Meet Elliott Nest, J. Edgar Snooper, Melvin Nervous, Al Caplum, Da Barker, The Orange Crusher, Cherries Jewel Ballie, and Bella D. Ball."

SECTION 3: Playfield

Touching Up Playfield

The playfield on this game was in great shape.  There is one eraser-sized wear spot about one inch below the left saucer,  there was a ball track along the top arch area, there was some aging in the black between the flippers (though it wasn't too noticeable), there was some very minor wear around the inserts in this area, and there was a spot created by flipper drag.  The rest of the playfield was in excellent shape.  In fact, It had virtually no wear and still retains much of the original shine. As a result, I didn’t do anything to the playfield except touch up the black around the light inserts. For a game from 1984, the playfield was in excellent condition. It made me think that this game didn’t really get played a lot during its lifetime.

SECTION 4: Backglass

The backglass on this game was in decent shape. Along the bottom it had quite a bit of peeling and then one small area at the top had some peeling. To correct it, and prevent further damage, I first covered those areas with mylar. This stops the glass from further peeling and prevents these areas from flaking off. Next, I coated the back with Krylon Triple Thick. I applied three coats. On each coat I would cover the backglass with horizontal strokes and then with vertical strokes. From the front, this glass looks really good. Besides the bottom edge peeling, the glass looks great.

SECTION 5: Miscellaneous

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Cabinet Head After Re-paint

Agents 777 Whole Machine

View of the Red Paint Progression

Red paint progression