Pinball Restorations: Cabinet Head

Agents 777


Agents 777

"Many of the sounds used on this game are still in use in arcade games today."

Head Right and Left Before

Head left old Head right old

Other than the blemish on the head top right corner, the head wasn't too bad for a game from 1984. However, as you will see on later pages, there was some serious damage to the cabinet so I had to repaint the whole thing.

Head Right and Left Base Color

Head left black Head right black

This is the head after it has been stripped, sanded and the base color of black applied.

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Head Right Red Stencil

Head left red stencil Head right only

Left above is the red stencil. Note the weights I use to help hold it down to prevent underspray. To the right is the left head after the red has been applied. Notice all of the paper taped to prevent the colors from accidentally getting on the back and front.

Head Right and Left Final

left head final Head final

Here is the head after the white has been applied. All that is left is the clearcoat that I will finish the paint job with.