Pinball Restorations: Cabinet Head


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"A conversion game titled 'Hell's Queen' was made using Totem's layout and had artwork similar to Gorgar's. Strange combination, in my opinion."

Head Progression

Head left old Head right old

On the left is the orange as it is being applied. Note that I am only doing one section. As I stated in the text, I made the stencils long before using them and they began to curl over time making it so they didn't quite fit right. So, I painted areas in sections.

Head Right and Left Final

left head final Head final

Note that the right side is missing the purple inner circles in this picture.

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Head Without Frame

Head left black Head right black

Paint Mistakes

Head left red stencil Head right only

Above are some goofs I made in painting. I got in a hurry and it caused some of the lines to not be as sharp and then the stencil stuck to the paint in some spots. Honestly, the pictures make it look far worse than it is. On the other hand, it is probably the worst work I have done.