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"Totem was the first game to use the multi-mode sound board."

SECTION 3: Playfield

Touching Up Playfield

This playfield was in great shape for a game this old. There was a small area at the flippers that was “messed” up due to flipper drag. Besides this, the playfield not only didn’t have any wear, it still had much of its original shine. As a result, I didn’t do any playfield touch up. I just cleaned and waxed it!

SECTION 4: Backglass

The backglass on this game was almost perfect. There was no peeling, flaking, or problems with the paint. I sealed the back of it using Krylon Triple thick. I taped off the score and credit windows and then applied two light coats in each direction. The score windows had a lot of “spidering” which is very typical of all System 1 games. So, first I took an exacto chisel style blade and scraped off all of the blue in the score windows. Next, I bought theatre spotlight gels that match the blue on the score windows. I then cut them to match the score windows and taped them in place. From the front, you can’t tell the difference from the original.

SECTION 5: Miscellaneous

As with most of my games, I did the following:

SECTION 6: Remaining Issues

The game has two remaining issues. First, the sound board does still make the high pitch squeal at times. I still think it is a connector issue because it will fix itself when the knocker goes off. It's one of those things that I can't pinpoint so I don't know what to do to permanently fix it.

The second issue is with the Player 3 and 4 score displays. The issue is actually NOT the displays themselves. I think it is with the MPU. Here's the issue. On players 3 and 4, certain segments do not come on for certain digits. In any digit position, the numbers 2, 5, and 6 are all missing a segment. In test mode, all the display segments work for all numbers. If you swap the player 3 and 4 displays with the Player 1 and 2 displays, the displays in Player 1 and 2 work and the Player 3 and 4 displays continue to have the issue. So, I know the problem is not the displays themselves. This leads me to believe that it is something on the MPU board and a signal is not making it to them with certain numbers. Since I rarely use players three and four and since you can tell what the numbers are, I haven't found it that imperative to fix it.

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