Pinball Restorations: Playfield

Flash Gordon

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Flash Gordon

"Flash Gordon" was the name of a ride at the 1939 New York World's Fair where 150 people could ride a rocket ship with a motion picture screen and vibrating seats for a simulated trip to another planet."


The five pictures below show the touched up areas. Four show the top right rollover area at the top end of the shooter lane. You can see the wear between the rolloever buttones. The color match is good here. The hard part was doing the "When Lit" lettering. The last pic shows the green area in front of the in-line drop targets that was touched up.

Head left old Head right old Head left old Head right old Head right old

Below you can see the new reproduction drop targets I installed on this game. The game had an eclectic mix of wrong targets. There are a total of 11 drop targets on this game. Below are the four in the left bank on the lower playfield and the three-bank group on the upper playfield. I also replaced the single "guard" target and the three in-line drop targets.

Head right old Head right old

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Mylar Removal

Mylar tears 1 Mylar tears 2 Mylar tears 3

Above, if you look carefully, you can see the areas on the lower playfield where the Mylar was ripped and missing. As a result, I decided to remove it from the lower playfield. I left it on the upper playfield because it was intact.

Front gouge

Above is a picture of the playfield stripped of all the parts for cleaning.