Pinball Restorations: Backglass

Flash Gordon

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Flash Gordon

"The film's cult-status led it to being heavily featured in the 2012 summer blockbuster Ted."

Flash Gordon Cabinet Front and Rear

The four pics below are the before and after of the front of the cabinet. On the before pics, note the carvings and the lack of sticker. Compare this to the finished cabinet. The new sticker makes a huge difference.

cabinet front before cabinet front before2 cab front before3 cabinet front final

The pictures below show the backglass. It was in great shape with only an eraser sized spot of paint missing circled in the bottome two pictures.

backglass front backglass rear backglass spot front backglass spot rear

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Head Final

Front final

Legs Before and After

Front gouge Front gouge

Internal Hardware Before and After

Front gouge Front gouge Front gouge Front gouge