Pinball Restorations: Playfield

Silverball Mania

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Silverball Mania

"Although this was the first game I restored, I think the result may rank second overall behind my Flash Gordon."


repro bumper caps repro bumper caps

Above are pics of the upper playfield. The top left shows the center loop-around and the new reproduction bumper caps on the bumpers. The top right picture shows the new 50-point repdroduction bumper caps.

worn area one worn area two worn area three

While the pictures aren't great and it may be difficult to make out, the three pictures above show the spots that were worn to the bare wood. The worn area extends from the left sling in a lightly upward angle toward the V insert in SILVERBALL to the center loop-around. I've tried to outline the area in red in the third picture.

touch up one touch up two touch up three Upper playfield

Above are the worn areas after the touch up. I was very pleased with the result and color match. I tried to outline the area in yellow. The final pic is just a filler of the upper playfield.

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Head front before

Above is the head before the reproduction.

head front after

This is the head after the reprodution.

backglass front

Above is the backglass. It was in great shape and didn't need any work.

backglass rear

Above is the backside of the backglass.