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"Other backglasses by Kevin O'Conner include: Monster Bash, Medusa, Strikes and Spares, Judge Dredd."


Final Thoughts

This was the first game that I ever restored. To be honest, I was totally amazed at the difference in the machine from before to after. This game was in good enough shape that it didn't need restoration, but after seeing the final product, I was hooked and decided that if a game was in fair or worse shape, I would attempt to restore it.

Also, I probably did a better job on this game than some subsequent games even though it was my first. I think that is because I really took my time and was super careful. As for the cabinet, it may be the second best I have done, running a close second to my Flash Gordon.

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Legs Before Repaint

Harlem Globetrotters pf left

Leg After Repaint

Harlem Globetrotters playfield right