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The Pinhead Preacher

Welcome to my pinball restoration page. These pages chronicle the steps I took in repairing/restoring the machines listed on this page.  

I have tried to give as many details and pictures as possible on each of the projects. The purpose is to help others who may be trying to do the same thing or who may be fixing a similar problem. This page is not a complete "How To Do It." I only chronicle the things that I actually do to the machines. If you want a complete "How To Do It" try to get a copy of Clay's Repair guides. Many of the procedures I used here came from there.  It was the most comprehensive and best guide on the net for restoring and repairing pinball machines. I wish he'd put it back up.

On this site I try to show my mistakes as well as my successes with suggestions on preventing the mistakes the next time around. You can read my story on how I got involved in restoring games and playing pinball. Each game section starts with 2-5 pages detailing and explaining what I did to that particular machine with a few pictures and trivia sprinkled in. These pages are then followed by 3-9 pages of mostly pictures chronicling the process. 

Disclaimer: I am not in the arcade business or in the pinball business. Pinball is a hobby for me, not a vocation.  What works for me may not work for you or may not be the best way of doing things. There is no warranty or guarantee supplied with the information here. Use at your own risk. My knowledge and ability may be inferior to others, so you may actually get better results than I did! There is no need to sue me if something doesn't work. I have no money or rich uncles leaving me an inheritance.

Hints, Helps, and How-Tos

Things i've done and how i did them


Making Stencils

If you are going to repaint games, you need to know how to make stencils.

Making Stencils

Tips and tidbits

Here are some restoration and repair tips to help you in fixing games.

Tips and Tricks

My pinball story

How I got interested in pins including how I lost a pinball machine.

My Pinball Story