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Strikes and Spares #2

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Strikes and Spares #2

"The yellow in this playfield really shows the dirt. Too bad Magic Eraser hadn't come on the market when I restored this game."

Strikes and Spares #2 Playfield

The pictures below on the left are of the original playfield that had a lot of wear. The pictures on the right are of the replacement playfield I found. As you can see, it was in much better shape.

playfield whole before playfield wear playfield wear playfield bottom new rubber reproduction drop targets right saucer wear right saucer touch up right saucer touch up

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Playfield Swap

lower playfield rebuild lower playfield rebuild

The Bad Original Playfield

lower playfield rebuild

Center of the Replacement Playfield

The replacement playfield had a lot of ball swirls and ground in dirt. Cleaning and adding new bumper caps helped spruce it up a bit.

lower playfield rebuild lower playfield rebuild